Affiliate Network

Terms And Condition:

Welcome to Diskuz Affiliate network

Diskuz is a social network, where people can connect around the world and exchanges the knowledge, ideas, topics, and start discussing between peoples

Diskuz is offering link sharing to social network, it's very simple, Share links from Diskuz to Facebook and Twitter, Based on views you can earn some money 

Affiliate things to follow:

* Sign up the Affiliate page form for your correct details.

* You can use the links to Pages and Topics

* For 3k to 5k  views of links from Diskuz will be paid $1.

* The Affiliate must have an account with PayPal

* The requesting amount of earning Minimum withdraws $100. If it is Less than $100 it's unable to request.

* Every month of your earnings will be paid at the first week Of the month. Between 1 to 7

* Facebook Page or Twitter followers Must have 100k 

* You can create own content on Diskuz

Video Demo:

Rules & Regulation 

If you provide bounce rate (Above 60%) your account will Directly Suspend.

In case of any invalid activity found your account will be Deactivated.

Don't Generate traffic from any software, fake traffic, generate automated

Following links must be shared only on the Facebook and Twitter sites

Don't mislead Diskuz links or Diskuz Reputation 

Don't mislead the audience

Don't change the thumbnail or any text part